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Project Vision

Look Deeper, Return Often, Travel Wider, Stay Longer, Experience More,           Re-Discover Curiosity 

eCOAST x HASSELL hold a vision to create a network of spaces connecting people to place, enabling the stories of the island to be told while encouraging the curiosity of visitors. 

This will be achieved by promoting both engagement and collaboration that will enhance the Rottnest experience while responding to the needs of the local community and celebrating the culture of Western Australia on the world stage. 

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With it’s pristine beaches, stunning natural beaty and smiling locals (the quokkas!) Rottnest / Wadjemup island is affectionally remembered by many Western Australians and international visitors during their time in W.A. Sought by many tourists as the place they’d most like to visit during their time in W.A,. it holds a key opportunity to display a large portion of WA’s history and values. 

Rottnest does however have a duality within its history that many visitors are unaware of. By allowing these stories to be told, the island can be enriched with social value and improve the visitor experience. Allowing it to exist sensitively alongside, rather than in place of, the memories that people create on the island. 

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With more and more people seeking meaningful and authentic experiences when travelling, Rottnest / Wadjemup is poised perfectly to provide these experiences to its guests. Wadejmup holds significance to not only the Whadjuk Noongar people’s spirituality but all 14 mobs of the Noongar Nation. In fact almost all Indigenous West Australians due to patriots from across the state being incarcerated upon the island. 

By creating a platform and allowing both culture and stories to be shared by their traditional custodians, visitors will be exposed to genuine experiences whilst cultural appreciation and employment opportunities for indigenous Australians will increase. 

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The Experience (Economy) 

With additional ferry services operating it’s becoming easier and cheaper for visitors to make their way to the island, proven with a 10% increase to day visitors alone in recent years. However there is a clear trend amongst travellers opting to spend their money on authentic experiences rather than goods and are willing to pay a premium for memorable experiences (Pine & Gillmore 1998). 

By offering a number of platforms for these dynamic experiences to be shared and an option to rotate events throughout the year reflecting the need for vibrant seasonal offerings people are encouraged to spend more time and return throughout the year. 

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Value Proposition

Easily used by all visitors no matter their background. 

An accessible canvas allowing all to tell their story. 

A renewed Wadjemup is poised to not only allow for a platform and stage for reconciliation and discussion but also providing a new canvas for a number of existing events and organisations within Western Australia. 

Through the multi-layered small interventions that grace the land gently; these designs are able to endure or reflect the subject change that Rottnest has experienced from its creation both in land form and in its dual history. With the ability to pre fabricate all materials on the mainland cost is kept low and allows for a staging of the construction and additionally quick installation reducing the affect upon the natural environment. 

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