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Quinta Designs + Hames Sharley - Forbo F

Space is never neutral so by integrating a material like Coral flooring, there’s an opportunist moment of curiosity that can occur, asking questions of why and how such a material has found its self submerged in the sands of Rottnest Island, empowering people to think deeper into cultural identity and what makes it so significant and imprinted. Through the innovative ideas of augmented reality, haptic flooring, magnetic learning and discovery we are able to provide substantially innovative designs with sustainable core values and creative experiential possibilities. Flooring is not only seen as a means of material, its implementation and quality can break boundaries through interactive communication.

The following points outline the proposed design outcomes:


  • Encouraged mixed use spaces that establishes the relationship between the natural landscape and human interaction.

  • Investigate the development of a cross cultural community that facilitates learning through curiosity.

  • Enriched cultural identity through the collaboration of community artistic expression.

  • Works to mimic surrounding natural environment through fractal imagery.

  • Integrated symbolism that reflects the growth and ever changing lifecycle of the landscape, and human development.

  • To establish a cultural connection with the land through the use of various textures in an attempt to feel the earth and heighten experiences.

  • To create authentic styles and schemes that allow people to build an emotional connection with the space.

  • Having interactive technological advancements of Haptic flooring and Augmented Reality that accommodates Forbo Flooring to provide enhanced understanding.

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