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Revisit our forbo package.

The proposed Master Plan relates to the sites: Bickley Bay and Kingstown Barracks. The main aim of this master plan is to provide new recreational opportunities to activate space and educate through cultural connection and identity. Both proposed sites within this master plan work to follow guiding principles that have been applied to the development process, such as, the celebration and protection of the natural and cultural heritage, the telling of stories that link visitors to the island and contributing elements towards the future of Rottnest through thoughtful, quality design. The aspirations of our master plan aims to:

+   Provide minimal urban integration and changing of the land

+   Activation through community and tourism engagement

+   Create spaces for family interaction and place making

+   Engage in Investigative learning, facilitating education through curiosity

+   Build new activity shelters to support community needs

+   Create spaces to facilitate cultural traditions and preserve island identity, supplementing tourism

+   Upgrade coastal trail walk attraction and stop off points

+   Activate historical neighbouring infrastructure and enhance its interpretation for visitors

+   Facilitate children’s exploration and interests through new recreational activities

The proposed future development is composed of a site for accommodation, a visitor hub and a sunset jetty, all aiming to facilitate the influx of tourism and visitation towards the south of the island. The proposed future development of accommodation enables the ability to either adapt to the existing ageing residency or create new developments across the beach front views of Thompson bay.


These proposed designs will aim to prevent and restrict the existing highly eroding sand dunes that are threatening mature trees and the existing accommodation as well. There will also be the ability to facilitate the increased staff occupancy through the implementation of the Visitor Hub without distracting away from the existing amenities in the surrounding area. The sunset jetty will look to create an area for reflective thinking and tourism media attraction.

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