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Secluded amongst natural flora and fauna, located on the coast of Bickley Bay facing east, is the site for the Storytelling Place. Surrounded by panoramic viewpoints and immense Tamala limestone topography, the storytelling site is an intuitive surrounding that adds to the objective of creating immense cultural identity and exploration through the channel of voice and wandering, all enhanced through Forbo Flooring. The sandy topography and porous soil conditions enable a greater connection to the earth and create essential walkways that connect all areas of the storytelling space. The large contours of the site will work well in providing picturesque corridors through to the eastern oceanic views and sunrise, framing them and adding to the medium of artistic expression. The intense consistent coastal weathering, moisture, corrosion, and strong winds are all elements that are considered, with the orientation of the built forms and their materiality of treated concrete and fiber cement cladding, being key resisters to preserve the experience. The proximity to Kingstown allows school children exploring the area to uncover and find the site, delving deep into interactive learning spaces. The eastern orientation presents the freedom for further engagement with the natural surroundings, as well as the nearby future renovation of Bickley Battery presenting opportunity to provide further education and healing through a medicine space of storytelling.


A generational narrative. 

"Stories are circles, never ending and always moving forward, passing on from
one person to another in an attempt to create relationships and provide new insights into an unfamiliar world."

The storytelling space acts as a mini community with independent pockets of
storytelling elements. These elements are various forms of how stories can be
communicated other than the  conventional notion of spoken word. Stories are developed and created through experience and interaction, hence the influence of various mediums of artistic expression and interactive technology, each are able to capture the viewers senses through colour, texture and the integrated cultural environment.
The yarning circle enables deep conversation and reflective thinking, the idea of the circle has been associated with gathering and the symbolic term of a never-ending cycle.

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A buried treasure. Carved by the land.


The storytelling space is split into four functioning spaces, each providing their own relative experience from children’s play and learning, to artist studios for creative visualisations. There are areas in which technology has been utilised to create spaces that will provide interactive zones for wayfinding and further group activities. The yarning circle within the centre combines all creative elements into one space in which communication works to tell stories of your experiences and enables a space that is submerged within the land. The idea behind each programmed space is the idea of communication through mediums of art, technology and nature. A deep connection to the earth is a vital component for each space.


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