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"How can we build without building?"

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The vision for this project has been centered around the idea of minimal built intervention. Finding that Rottnest Island is a “vast and wondrous beauty” that represents greater identity, we did not want to divert away from its natural simplicity and cultural heritage, aiming to envisage a development that would spark interest in broadening knowledge and reducing misconceptions. These spaces are driven by people, and reflect the ideas and attitudes of Rottnest Island, aiming to develop, intrigue and provide through narratives of experience and introduce cultural connection and sustainable values that educate the younger generation enable a sense of interpretation.



The proposed site is located collectively between Bickley Bay and Kingstown Barracks. These two sites are located on the eastern side of the island and are important areas rich with cultural and historical significance, having being used as shelter during a pivotal point during the WWII operations. Both areas are known to facilitate educational accommodation with groups of people ranging from young children to university students, all of which venture into the Bay for leisure and exploration. Visual observation portrays the known existing buildings and structures, as predominantly masonry construction. This material choice is seen throughout other relevant locations around the island, adding to its commercial memory and reflectivity. On a literal observation the material choice also commends to the climatic factors that impact construction due to its proximity to the coastal edge, where it is expected to have high prevailing winds.



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"Facing true east, Kingstown Barracks and Bickley Bay hold one of the only coastlines where you can see the sunrise over the ocean in Western Australia "
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